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mandag 13. april 2009

Back in Bergen Norway

Well........... i am back in Bergen and how i wish i could have stayed a couple of days more, didn't got to visit my old friend Vicki as she was not home on Saturday that was the only day i had time for visiting.
Well my Holiday didn't started that good, the plane should have left at 4:05 pm on Friday 3rd April it left 2 hours later, when arriving to Copenhagen airport i had to wait over an hour to get my suitcase got a train home to Odense at 8:40 pm finally i arrived at 10:30 pm 2 1/2 hours later than i was supposed to.
Saturday 4/4
got up early as we had to catch a friend of my sis at the train station, had a seance with her later as she is a clairvoyant got some things of my mind regarding my DH death she also told me some other things i wont tell as it will take too long, but it was all positive.
Sunday 5/4
My mum and brother came and i went with them to my mums house this was the day we celebrated my mums birthday, later we got to get my sister and we went to the restaurant and had a nice afternoon and evening there, went home with my sis to her apartment/flat.We stayed up all night went to bed by 5 am LOL.
Monday 6/4
Didn't do anything just relaxed after the Party.
Tuesday 7/4
went to my uncle and aunt and stayed there all day found some old pictures can't wait to get to scrap them.
Wednesday 8/4
Prepared for the easter lunch at my sis
Thursday 9/4
had a long easter lunch with lots of my sisters friends didn't take any pictures but well maybe another year.
Friday 10/4
Drove about 50 km to see my nephew play football (soccer) they won 4 - 0 went home and ate dinner relaxed in front of the tele
Saturday 11/4
Went out to visit my mum had a lovely day together ate dinner at her house but before i got to mum i did go to a shoppingcenter to get me some food to take with me back to Norway went home to my sisters place to pack my suitcase as i should up early next morning.
Sunday 12/4
Well i catched my train and plain and at 3:30 pm i was home in Bergen.
Thats how my easter went along this year.
Today i have been painting my livingroom and thats a hard job phew i am glad it is soon to be finished just need a couple more layers of paint which my son will paint for me.Tomorrow it's back to work

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Myrt sa...

Hi Winnie - sounds like you had a lovely holiday with friends and family and nice to see you back and blogging again.


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