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fredag 9. november 2007

Visit to the UK

For the first time in my life i've been to England, landed on Gatwick where a friend picked me up, we have never met before but chatted on the msn, nice to meet you in person Eve, thats all for now will update as soon as there are more to write on.

Updated 10/11-07

Yesterday me and eve drove to meet with Jeannie and Chris ( Missy) two lovely ladies they are , we went to the shop where Jeannie works and i got a bit crazy in there LOL , then we had lunch at Manor Park after that we drove to Mari novelty's and again i bought a lot LOL then back to Jeannie, where we had a cuppa, before driving Missy home then again a cuppa before we left to go home, summa summararum a great day. It was lovely to meet you two in person.

Today we went to Birmingham for the Nec, ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh i've never seen so much grafty goodies in one place LOL meet some other ladies from a different cardgroup i am on had a chat with them before i and Eve went on to buy more goodies LOL spent about £230 well thats all so far more tomorrow.

Update 18/11 07
Well i know i should have updated before but have been too far busy after i got home from the UK this is what we did on sunday last week .
Well well where to start Eve and i went out for more craftshopping LOL , we went to Hobbycraft and craftcentral sorry i cant remember where well thats coz i didn't notice what the name of the town was LOL just interested in what i could buy LOL got a lot from there too to much to mention here ( it's still in my suitcase) LOL when we got home we had a rest before going out to eat in the local pub.
Monday 12/11
first thing in the morning was to go and catch the train to London, went to the Emirates stadium got some things for my footballcrazy son there (he's an arsenal fan) then on bus to see some of london before i headed home to Norway had a very lovely day together with Eve she showed me some of what tourist go to see in london, got a few things for my grandchildren as well then back to Eve had a little rest and got my suitcase finished then off to Gatwick to catch the my flight home to Norway, hope to come back to UK next year sometime, my grandson Jonas want to be with me, well i promised him a trip to London, LOL thats what granny's are supposed to do isn't it LOL ok off the comp- now to get my son install the new office packet on my new laptop.

2 kommentarer:

Totty Teabag sa...

Have a great time Winnie and show us lots of pictures!

Roz sa...

You are so lucky Winnie!!!!!!!!!!!!


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