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onsdag 31. oktober 2007

Well it's been a long long time since i updated my ramblings. I have been " home" in Denmark for a while, needed to go away for a while after my husbands funeral , it has done me good i can now look forward to get back to normal again, starting my job again tomorrow after a long bad year, next week i am off to England, ohhhhhhhh am i excited to meet up with some girls from a cardgroup i am on, you bet LOL , well today i have decided that i need to scan a lot of cards i have been sent from all over the world. Thats all i have to say now, THANKS to all that have sent me cards after my DH passed away.

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Roz sa...

Hiya Winnie! Glad you liked the video!! Happy to see you posting again as well.



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