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mandag 9. februar 2009

Still feeling like crap

I've been feeling like crap for a week now so decided to stay home from work the next couple of days, hopefully i will feel better in a day or 2.

I have been trying to get a scrapbookpage made for a challenge over at ScrapbookDreamer well i haven't got started yet but have an idea of what to make if i just could get the B***** old computer to work LOL coz thats where the picture i want to use is, i think it is the screen that are playing up on me as the comp. goes on when i turn it on but nothing comes up on the screen think it is the wire between the comp and screen that are failing, i don't want to buy another screen for the old comp. as i don't use it that much after i got my laptop.

Well better get going then if i want to get it made.

1 kommentar:

Scrappydog sa...

I hope you are feeling better now Winnie.


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