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onsdag 4. februar 2009

Feeling like crap

Well started getting sore in my throat yesterday and today when i got home from work i was feeling like crap,did sleep a couple of hours this afternoon but still feeling like crap, i have some cards to be made and this month i want them finished before the end of the month, hopefully i can get them all made, i need to go to work tomorrow as i have an appointment for a mammographi(?????sp.) and can't cansel it as i will loose 200 i will be feeling better tomorrow after a good long night sleep.Well off to bed then, until next time have a lovely day evening afternoon where ever in the world you are.

3 kommentarer:

Paula's ponderings sa...

Hope you are now feeling much better Winnie xx

Myrt sa... Winnie, what a bummer! Hope you feel better soon, kiddo!

Bubs sa...

Hope you are feeling better Winnie.... Take care and keep warm...


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