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fredag 20. juni 2008

Yeahhhhhhhhh it's friday

Yeah it's friday, weekend is here, sitting here alone listening to Elvis and babysitting my sons dog for the weekend while he is visiting his girlfriend in Stavanger, i've spend most of the afternoon and evening on my sofa doing nothing, it was chaos on the road when i was on my way home from work it took me 2 1/2 hour to get home from work usually it takes only half an hour, there had been some accident on our railwaystation with some gasleak so they shot down some of the roads, they had sorted it when i got home. i still have to make 2 more ATC's before i can get them send out.It has been raining the whole week , and it will be raining for the whole weekend as well thats what the weatherman said on tele LOL hopefully we will have some better weather soon, i want it sunny and warm,haven't done anything crafty for the whole week, i do have to get going on my grandsons book for his confirmation, oh boy i nearly forgot his birthday thats on monday (23rd) he will be 15 years old , yesterday i ordered my tickets to the US in september, only 2 onths away now i'm getting more and more excited as me and my sis will start from copenhagen on the 30 of august we will arrive in New York on the evening then the next morning we will rent a car and drive on to Indianapolis where i'll visiting an internetfriend going to stay there for a couple of days before driving to Memphis where we will stay at Heartbreak hotel for a week, hopefully my friend from Georgia will be visiting me i am really looking forward to it, after the week in Elvis town we will fly to the westcoast ( oregon whenre i also will be visiting another internet friend for a couple of days the rent a car and drive on to Seattle where a norwegian friend of mine lives and visiting her for some days before we fly back to New York, where we will fly back to Copenhagen and i will then fly back to Bergen with lots of pictures for me to scrap, well thats my excited news for this week tomorrow i have lots to do getting the rest of the decoration on my doors up, then start the painting. Have a nice weekend where ever in the world you are

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Totty Teabag sa...

That sounds like a great trip Winnie. Have a wonderful time with you sister visiting all those friends.


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