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søndag 14. september 2008


Today we found a laundry as we needed to get our clothes washed, we found one with a Lady in charges of it and got great help from her , she showed us how to handle the machines and if it hadn't been for her we hadn't got our clothes washed LOL, we decided to call her Miss Laundry LOL as we forgot to get her name, here's a picture of her outside the Laundry.
What are we doing tonight you might ask your self, well we are of to see Memphis by Night LOL we are off about 7:pm and it might get late before we are back on the hotel, we still have a nice weather a bit windy but thats ok as its hot hot hot, even the wind is hot, i was supposed to charge my camera this morning but i couldn't find the charger so think i have forgot it somewhere in a hotel on our way down here, but realized that on my videocam there is a button that says snapshot so will see if it is what i think it is LOL.

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