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tirsdag 2. september 2008

Good Morning

Good morning, it seems to be a lovely day again today, went into NYC yesterday and off to the Statue of Liberty, had to wait a bit to get on the ferry even we had reserve tickets but many had those kind of tickets, wandered around for a couple of hours and was inside the Statue, i can imagine how the immigrants must have been feeling when they arrived, went on with another ferry to Ellis Island, and there is a lot of history in the buildings, the have recreated or is it rehabilitaion i'm not sure of which word to use,the buildings and have done a great jobb on them. Here's a couple of pic's from the Statue. one of me sis and one of me with the big apple in the background. Well it wont let me upload any pictures today so you will have to wait until i am home, we are going in to see the Empire State Building tonight, meaning was to see it yesterday but was to tired from the walking all day on Liberty Island and Ellis Island, they say it is a spectacular sight if you go up in the building by night so we are waiting until tonight to see it. well off to get breakfast

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Myrt sa...

...Hey Winnie & Sue.....sounds like a fab trip so far and enjoyed the pictures you showed.


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