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onsdag 9. juli 2008


Its wednesday and i've got a lot to do befor i am leaving Bergen tomorrow afternoon, for a visit to my eldest son and grandkids in Nesbyen, looking forward to this trip as it is 2 months since i was there last time.Took friday of from work without payment, but that dosen't matter, my family comes first i did tried to get a whole week off as i wanted to go for a trip to England visiting a few of my friends there well i didn't got the week off coz we don't have staff enough to cover for me for a week, will have to put that back until next year some time when i can have a week vacation with payment, i am off for 3 weeks in september that is the rest of my holliday for this year, so those weeks i am going to be paid for. Had a chat with Paula on sunday i think it was it was nice to speak to her, need to write an email to another friend of mine in the us, which i hope to meet when i am in memphis, if she cant come to Memphis well then i am off to her but wont say which day i am visiting her, i have something special in mind for her, well cant sit here if i am going to get all i have planned done, so bye bye for now

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