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onsdag 16. april 2008

Cards and scrap.

Ok here's my page that i did the other day and also my cards,

still not happy with my laptop as that b***** webcam still don't work properly, will have to call my service man tomorrow and let him know don't know what else to do but if they can't fix it i am gonna tell they have to give me a new one, he put it back as it was when i bought it and then i lost my word program that i bought together with it yeah nothing for free will try to reinstall it but not sure as if it will work, as i only had 3 licence on it and all 3 is been used, it's been a very nice day here blue sky ans sunny but cold, been into town to get me some more cardstock i'm using for the tablecards i am making for my grandson for his confimation, got one of the colors i'm using but not the other, hopefully i can get it tomorrow. Well thats all for now .oh by the way scanned through my computer for viruses but fortunately no virus on my machine.

4 kommentarer:

Myrt sa...

Hi Winnie:

Thanks for your comment Winnie, - nice to hear from you. I love your Elvis music playing in the background.......lovely cards too.

Love, Marion

Myrt sa...

...hi Winnie....thanks for your comment - you have a nice blog here and I love the Elvis music playing in the background.....great cards and pictures.
Hugs, Marion

Myrt sa...

...hi Winnie....I'm still learning my way around my blog and now I can't read yours (lol) - I have tried to reply a couple times so if you get it 3X, just delete. Thanks for visiting Myrt's Blog - loved hearing from you my friend.
Love, Marion

Scrappydog sa...

Your cards are always beautiful Winnie and of course the elvis music is fabo!


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