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tirsdag 1. januar 2008

Happy new year every one.
Nothing special here stayed up till 2:00 am, slept inn till about 11:30 today on the 1 day of the new year, later i will post a video of our new year when all fireworks went off, my wish for the new year is that i can get on with my life and make a few changes, it has been a difficult christmas and new year eve fortunately i was lucky to have both my sons here and their children that made it a bit just a bit easier.Well i am going to make some birthdaycards for my family and friends around the globe, so i have them ready when the birthdays comes up, and hopefully i can get to scrap a few pages too,untill then have a very nice and peaceful day.

1 kommentar:

Roz sa...

wow Winnie, you certainly have a lot more fireworks going off around you than we do.


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