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fredag 10. august 2007

A tribute to Elvis

Here's a page i am working on need to find some pictures to go with it, i have had a try to make my own Rub ons and think i got the hang of it, it do take a little time to do . I am making this page as a tribute to Elvis whom i have been a big big fan of for over 40 years, many of my friends can't understand what's with him that i love but his voice is one of the thing i love, 2 years ago for my 50th birthday i and Dh visited Memphis it was a great experience (spelling LOL ) now this august (16th) he has been gone for 30 years and it's almost unbelievable, i remember that day 30 years ago when i read in my newspaper he was gone as was it yesterday, i sat right down and cryed and couldn't believe it, wouldn't believe it but had to later when i saw it on the tele and saw pictures from Graceland with all his fans standing outside, he was just something special to me, it's hard to explain, well i'll shot up now and just listen to his voice on my computer. Ahhhhhhhhhh it's friday and it looks like it's gonna be a very nice weekend, my plans are to get some card and scrapbooking done.This is the finished page i use one of my very favorite pictures of Elvis from his 68 comeback.

2 kommentarer:

Totty Teabag sa...

I like your page Winnie. Did you make your rub-ons with acetate in the printer?

Stamp-o-maticmama sa...

this is Awsome winne


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