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søndag 22. november 2009

New Challenge blog

Evening crafters out there thought i would tell you about a new Norwegian Challenge Blog called Sketchycolors it will start the 29 november at 09:00 norwegian time it will be written in both Norwegian and English so every body can play along.

Well i have been a bad blogger this last month but have been busy with painting and work even been to work this weekend, i normally don't work on the weekend but i was asked if i could as the girl who normally works on weekends couldn't this weekend well i said yes.

Took with me some crafting things as i thought i would make a card or two waiting in the office if some of the girls rang and said they couldn't come well all girls was at work so nothing for me to do other than sit in the office, well i forgot the most important thing my acrylic block for my stamps LOL LOL so only cut some cardstock into cards.

When i got home it was to make a quick dinner as i was out to a concert with the choir my BIL sing in had, its the 3rd year they are doing this concert so it will be a tradition for me to go see it, was back at 8:00 pm my time and went strait to my chair in my livingroom LOL and watched the World Championchip in Latin took it up last night as i had to go to bed early. Now off to bed its 11:10 pm now so a good night from Bergen Norway to all.


1 kommentar:

Myrt sa...

...oh Winnie - your new blog look is great! I will come back in a couple days when the challenge starts and have a look at it. How are you doing, my friend?


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