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fredag 28. august 2009


Oh haven't i been a bad blogger lately, so thought it was time to update there has ran a lot of water in time since last time i wrote something, i have been on holliday , mum went home with me she left last sunday to go back to Denmark well i sure miss her here, talked to her last night and she told me that my bro was home in Denmark visiting her, he came right from Singapore where he had been working for 3 weeks or more, i'm sorry he couldn't come while i was home in Denmark, tomorrow i have a lot on my hands to do, bathtub went out last saturday need to give the bath a long good cleaning, then i have to get the ......................... well i don't know the right word in english so will write it in norwegian , listene i taket up in my livingroom and then i am done with the redecorating for now, next is to get my kitchen painted, then the laundryroom which also need some new paint, i am taking one room at the time in that way i'll get it all finished before christmas i hope.

It has been raining now for ceveral days wish it would be a nice late summer with sunshine and warm weather but as far as the forcast says we are in for lots of rain still. Well that will be all for tonight.

Happy Crafting to all around the world.

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Myrt sa...

....ah ha.....welcome back Winnie. Sometimes we just have to take time from blogging and get a few other things done. It's nice to see you back blogging - look forward to seeing more of your creations.


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