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lørdag 20. juni 2009


Hello Crafters
here's a i've made this morning it's a birthdaycard but i can't say who is gonna get it coz i don't know if the recipient is looking at my blog but thought i would share it with all that are visiting my blog, i havern't made a lot of cards lately just a few as my DIL inspe wanted me to make some weddingcards for her sister i forgot to scan them so can't share them here. well here's the card, i've used a digital stamp that was a freebie i can't remember from where but maybe there are people out there that know where to find it please could you then share the website/blog with me, i've used a sketch from a norwegian card/scrapbooking magazine called Ett Trykk. Have a nice weekend i am off to town to go buy a birthdaypresent to my grandson who will turn 16 on tuesday 23 june.

1 kommentar:

Myrt sa...

Hi Winnie - you're not the only one that hasn't made many cards lately - I'm in the same boat, my friend.

This digi-stamp is adorable - I love whimsical things and you have coloured and matched the papers 'perfecto'.


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