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lørdag 18. april 2009

Bloody flu

Well i had a cold when i returned from Denmark last sunday, it has now gone to be the flu and i think it has sat on my lungs, good news is i have an apointment with my doc on tuesday hope he can tell what is wrong, just finished painting the livingroom the second time but will have to put another layer of paint on, that will be the last, hopefully tomorrow, also i hurt my left thumb when i made me a sandwich earlier today was just thinking of making a couple of cards but had to lay down for a few mins just felt asleep when my son called to say i'm on my way home well i didn't fell asleep again so got up still feeling pretty sick.

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Myrt sa...

Hi Winnie:
Well, I hope you are feeling better today Winnie. Perhaps you should have been resting and not painting? I'll bet your living room looks nice - what colour? Be well, my friend.


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