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torsdag 19. mars 2009

Surprise surprise. Updated

When i got home from work today i see a note from the postoffice there is something waiting for me but nothing on the note of what it can be and only the senders first name well i am quite excited as i think i know who it is from, a dear friend of mine in the US, she is the only one with that name i know LOL won't tell the name here before i've collected it so off i go to the postoffice, i am ohhhhhhh so excited LOL.
Have a lovely day.
Just got back from the post office and yes the parcel was from whom i thought it was from LOL well i'm gonna give her a call right now and ask her as if i can open it now or have to waite until sunday which is my birthday.

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Myrt sa...

...ooooooooooo Winnie - can't wait to hear what it is!


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