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lørdag 24. januar 2009

I've tryed to follow the sketch on friday sketchers and had this stamp in mind when i saw the sketch, to be honest i am NOT happy with it don't know why, just think it is wrong,oh well i'll have to make another one then won't i.

2 kommentarer:

Myrt sa...

Hi Winnie - you are too hard on yourself - you still may be able to do something to this one that would make you happier with it....perhaps inking the edges of Elvis with the Turquoise/blue colour and change the red flower to turquoise. This is just a suggestion, Winnie that may give it a different look.

Paula's ponderings sa...

The only thing I would say Winnie is to make Elvis stand o a bit more...maybe make the image much darker, or as Marion suggests. I actually think its a very lovely card X


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