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Så kjekt å se at du har funnet min blogg, legg gjerne igjen ett spor etter deg slik at jeg kan besøke deg og.

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torsdag 23. oktober 2008

Good evening

Good evening friends
Nothing much going on here in cold and rainy Bergen Norway, am trying to get a swapcard finish for a swap over at CardscrapsReunitedFriends a great great yahoogroup were we are all MAD women LOL i's been a long time since i made cards and i feel my mojo is coming back, i also have an idea of making a scrapbookpage of my late husbands gravestone, i know some that are reading my blog will think it's weird to make a page of a gravestone but i don't care i need to do it to get some peace in my mind,yesterday i ordered a ticket to Denmark no special occasion just feel i need to go home for a long weekend in the end of November now off this machine going to call my sister. have a lovely day all you great friends i have around the world.

2 kommentarer:

Myrt sa...

Hi Winnie:
So nice to see you posting again and glad to hear you have your mojo back.
As for your scrapbook page, Winnie, it's important that you feel comfortable and at peace - nothing weird about that at all.
You have a great day and enjoy your visit to Denmark!

Roz sa...

Hiya Winnie!!

Check my blog! I've tagged you!!

Love Roz


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