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onsdag 10. september 2008


We left Christiansburg Virginia and arrived in Knoxville Tennessee yesterday afternoon, we had a thunderstorm when we arrived here, an hour later it was over, and we had nice weather, no sun but warm and light cloudy, went to Austins Steakhouse family restaurant and had steak ,salad,and desert, that was YUMMY , drove around for a look of the town for a bit before we got back to the Hotel, i had a phonecall from a friend in Texas, it was great talking to you Nonnie,tryed to call another friend but she was out i think, i'll try again today Destiny. found it too late when we got back from our dinner, i did left a message on the answer thingy, yeah can't always remember the right word, i don't have my dictionary with me LOL, it's been a great vacation so far have a lot of fun, meting nice people everywhere, they do everything to give us a nice stay.
Well that all for now.

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Myrt sa...

Hey Winnie - sounds like you are having a wonderful trip - I am enjoying all of your pictures and little movie - I'm keeping my eye on you (lol).TFS


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