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lørdag 2. august 2008

Trouble with my playlist

Well i got told that there was a problem with my playlist as one of my visitors tryed to listen at Amazing Grace with Elvis yep the king who else LOL, well i got into my blog and tried listening to it as well got an message saying there was an error loading the song, benn thinking what course the error and couldn't find an answer to it, so decided to delete the version i had and load another if i could find one, i found another one which is now the last song on my playlist, i've also been making a few sketches for my group, if you would like to take part just go and click on the link which is in my sidebar or whatever it is called, it is just for fun , no swaps or rak just for the fun of what we like the most to do when our mojo is running, i will post them here as well for any to try them out.Now off to get a card and pages made for my exsamples, watch this space LOL

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